Dev Mobilya factory is located in the Organized Industrial Zone of the city of Balıkesir/Turkey. The factory seats on a 20,000 m2 land with 10,000 m2 of covered space..
Production started on august 2008. The factory is equipped with state of the art machinery. The capabilities include cutting to size, edge banding, drilling CNC milling and complete packaging..
Our company is also one of the main resellers of the “Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç San.Tic.A.Ş.” (The largest panel board producing company in Turkey). We have been in continuous operation within the furniture sector since 1978.

We have been producing upholstery fabrics since 2003 (by our sister company Dev Tekstil). We provide upholstery fabrics to major players within the Turkish furniture sector (such as Doğtaş, Yataş, Yatsan, Alfemo). We also provide upholstery fabrics to companies in GermanySwedenLithuania and Poland.

We have been participating to Ismob(Istanbul International Furniture Fair) since 2010 and have been exporting to 30 countries, with main regions being Europe, Central Asian Republics, Northern Africa and Middle East. We serve the domestic market through our stores in Istanbul and Bursa as well as 40 resellers distributed through Turkey.

From 2012 on we have been involved with hospitality and public housing projects. We have recently finished furbishing two hotels: the Bandırma Grand Asia (5 stars hotel) and the Sakarya Limapark Hotel (4 stars). There is also an ongoing 200 room hotel project.

With a single shift our factory is capable of producing 1,000 sets of dining rooms or bedrooms per month. The factory is capable of accommodating 3 shifts per day thus increasing the capacity accordingly.

With 3 shifts per day and the help of our state of the art machinery we have the capacity to process 600 panels per day.

 GRANDASYA Bandırma  
 LİMAPARK Sakarya  
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